Reflow Packaging

3D Filament Spool Illustration
Client: Reflow
Reflow is a social enterprise that is determined to harness 3d printing technology to transform the world. They have developed a model to recycle plastic waste in regions where it’s found all around the world and convert this into high quality raw material for 3d printing.
For Reflow, packaging isn’t just a vessel to carry their product, it is also a commitment to the kind of business they believe in and the talented people they love to work with. To create an international community to produce their product that can work with local waste collectors and recyclers to ensure a sustainable and fairly produced product. That also means that the packaging showcases artwork from the location the product is created in.
Inspired by the rich tapestry of Indian design and spirituality, “the art explores the journey of persistence, for all the creators who aspire to greater heights despite all the chaos we are surrounded with.”
The illustration is hand drawn with graphite and sumi ink, digitally converted for screen printing.