Midori Collective Packaging

Packaging Design
Client: Midori Collective

Midori Collective is a curated ensemble of collectable art and design, expressed in porcelain. Inspired by sharing the sense of small pleasures and bringing beauty to the everyday.

Midori’s Box
Inspired by paper folding and Origami, the experience of the packaging translates into entering a portal through a small box that opens to undiscovered worlds. Unraveling the box, it visually reveals a hand painted watercolour illustration of Midori’s world. Playing on nostalgia, the box is an extension of the brand; a tribute to telling tales and treasuring trinkets, passing them down to keep that sense of wonder alive.

Midori in Japanese is green. The brand/packaging colour was custom mixed to visually portray the emotion and essence of the brand story.

Among the soft pastel shades and the wispy crème hues,
with a blush of blue and a dash of yellow peeking through.
The search continued for the sweet vanilla mint green,
of the candy floss coloured clouds in Midori’s dreams.

Like pastel mint clouds suspended in a patissier’s window,
the mint-crème fairy floss spun its way around her dream;
with a soft whisper of sweet vanilla mint,
sweeping gently through her floating world.