Rara Avis Brand Identity

Brand Identity
Client: Rara Avis
Rara Avis is a Keralan restaurant celebrating Mughal and Thalaserry coastal flavours.The identity expresses the brand idea through customized typography and visual iconography. A bold serif font is designed to incorporate circular and sharp linear forms. The ‘r’ and ‘a’ merging to form a singular, seamless and compact unit. A refined interpretation of the indulgent cuisine it offers.
The visual mnemonic of a traditional Kerala boat is illustrated; synonymous to the coastal region of Thalaserry. The oar is depicted as a spoon which draws association to food and dining. Turquoise, deep purples and pink jewelled tones are used in the brand colour palette to illustrate rich indulgence and moreish flavours. Patterns inspired from Islamic geometry and Mughal influence, it celebrates the traditional roots of the cuisine.