7st Brand Identity

7st Name + Identity
Client: Mumbai Spices Qatar

Seven Street celebrates the concept of Indian street food and ethnic specialities. Offering interesting signature dishes and traditional recipes, with a blend of fiery, punchy and robust flavours of Indian street food with a modern twist.
All over India, traditional street food is making a transition; redefining the experience of authentic Indian cuisine and nostalgia globally.

The Name
Seven: Seven elements (points of inspiration)
art, music, flavour, emotion, colour, islands (of Mumbai) and spices.
Balance: sweet, sour, savoury, tangy, pungent, piquant and fiery flavours.
Origin: An archipelago of seven islands Bombay, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli, and Old Woman’s Island.
Culture: From the seven notes in a scale to the seven colours in a rainbow.
Global Local: The name plays on a specific location/address/street which is synonymous with street food.